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space150 Launches Drone Insights Division


space150 Launches Drone Insights Division

space150 evolves how the advertising industry captures and leverages consumer behavior data

MINNEAPOLIS (April 1, 2013) –  Dedicated to building the most sophisticated solutions for next generation advertising, space150 has taken a page from the U.S. military drone program to enrich its strategic offering by creating a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) division called drone-sights. This division will be responsible for gathering consumer behavior data that aids strategy and engineering teams in understanding target audiences to define and create more context around the advertising experiences it delivers.

space150 Drone

Initially, Drone-sights will gather shopper, commuter and biking data within the Twin Cities metro area. The agency has contracted with a firm to fly drones around targeted neighborhoods, parks and areas of high pedestrian traffic to yield insights into these data paths.

“Those of us in the consumer insights space know that observation is one of the fundamental tools in unearthing latent needs that consumers can not always express,” says David Denham, chief strategy officer at space150. “But observing a consumer in the field is still an intrusive endeavor in most cases. By using drone technology, we can observe and not deter. The possibilities for brands, especially in the outdoor industry, are really exciting.”

Although the agency needs  to work through current regulations prohibiting commercial unmanned aerial vehicles from operating in U.S. airspace, it is confident this offering will become a prominent tool in its business strategy arsenal.
This is not the first time space150 has entered uncharted waters. In 2010,  space150 pioneered the use of computer vision technology to track, scan and analyze images in real time to create an  interactive signage experience for Forever21’s Times Square Billboard. 2011 was even bigger for  space150 when it was first to experiment with lunar advertising models.


About space150 (
Founded in 2000 with a commitment of destroying convention to create demand, digital innovation agency, space150, stays at the forefront of every major change in the digital communications space. From the early days of moon advertising to today’s fully integrated drone targeting, space150 works closely with category leaders who want try something that defies any traditional definition of advertising. The firm employs 150 staff across all creative, account-management, UAV, design and development functions and has offices in New York, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Connect with space150 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.