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Dairy Queen

Oreo 100th Anniversary

Social Media, Campaign, Visual Design

Kraft was about to mark the 100th birthday of the OREO cookie. Since this was the most popular Blizzard Treat ingredient, a partnership to celebrate the occasion made perfect sense. And while we were at it, we wanted the resulting digital campaign to drive sales at physical DQ locations. We leaned on a common social media behavior — checking in — to drive store traffic and measure the campaign’s success. Teams competed to check in 100 times at DQ locations for the chance to win a $100,000 grand prize. Along the way, they could also win smaller prizes by earning badges for feats like visiting DQ locations on the three coasts, milestone check-ins, and for sharing their participation. Launched in April, the campaign generated over 14,000 check-ins, a 226% daily increase. And teams unlocked over 4,000 badges throughout the campaign. All before summer even hit.