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Dairy Queen

Site Redesign

Platform, User Experience Design, Content Strategy, Visual Design

Dairy Queen is a fun food and treat destination for people all over the world. But with consumers having more options and less time than ever, Dairy Queen needed a new website that quickly connected with the search needs of the customer. So we started by stripping the site down to the basics, and then we made the basics unbelievable. The navigation was modeled after the in-store menu for a more intuitive search. Once the user found what they’re looking for, nutrition information was easily accessible. And since mobile has overtaken desktop as the origin of most online searches, we leveraged HTML5 and CSS3 media queries in our build, making the design fully adaptive to every device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Through simple design and a smart build, we enabled our client to position themselves as a digital leader in the quick service restaurant category by giving their customers the chance to find exactly what they’re looking for: food, treats, and the authentic charm of Dairy Queen.