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Buffalo Wild Wings

Protect the Football

Digital Advertising, Campaign, Gaming

Football is the most important time of year for the Buffalo Wild Wings sports fan. And the last thing any of them want on game day is pesky distractions keeping them from seeing a highlight reel-worthy play. So what’s the best way to avoid distractions? Get to Buffalo Wild Wings where you get the best of wings, beer, and sports. To help drive home this message and engage the BWW consumer during this season, we created “Protect the Football,” a retro-inspired online and mobile platform game designed to virtually – and physically – get football fans to the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. It pits the player as the B-Dubs Buffalo against a series of game-day distractions such as a crying baby, dirty laundry, living room TV, and gym workouts with a Richard Simmons-esque instructor. The goal is to collect as many footballs as possible and make it to B-Dubs, the perfect place to enjoy fall football, wings, and beer.